Over 2 million bearings sizes and equivalents for all bands

Customer satisfaction is our destination. Our goal is to help customers easily locate the right bearing at the best price, in the shortest period of time. Our bearing engineering service is one of the reasons our customers prefer to work with us.

How to measure a bearing

To measure the bore of a bearing you can use a vernier caliper like the one shown. Insert the outer anvils of the caliper into the bore as shown and open the caliper until the bearing and caliper are a good fit about each other. Now read the value on the caliper. In the absence of a caliper a good quality steel ruler will suffice.

To measure the outside diameter of a bearing place the jaws of the caliper around the bearing and close it until its a good fit but not tight, now read the value from the caliper.

What to remember about us ?

Bearings are shipped only after thorough technical inspection. Delivery is handled by courier or other means agreed with our partners. Guarantees the quality of delivered goods

  • supply at reasonable prices in due time
  • price negotiable depending on quantity and value
  • speed and comfort